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Homeless? Book a prison cell!

This article was featured in TVP Magazine, issue nr. 4, page 36.

This  is the unedited version of the article:

If you kill 14 students you get a spacious single room and a private bathroom while sharing a kitchen with a dozen of your neighbors. Whether you will spend your time in the library, on the rock wall, or in the prison’s recording studio launching your rap career is yet to be seen. (source)(source)

But if you lost your job and have no other means to pay a rent, you will get to stay on the streets and hope you will get something to eat. Cold, hot, storm, rain, you will have no shelter to protect you from the weather.

Sometimes you cannot even get food from people because it is illegal in many cities in the US to “feed the homeless people”. (source)

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Patching an obsolete system with online ads

This article was featured in TVP Magazine, issue nr. 3, page 26.

This  is the unedited version of the article:


If you are using the internet, and I suppose you all do, then you may be one of those who are annoyed by ads.

Advertising is on almost all websites and most of the time is very intrusive, not to mention many advertising rely on tracking the user’s activity to provide “personalized” ads. This may be very uncomfortable for many since very few are aware of it. Maybe I do not want to be “spied” online so at least they should make this very obvious, but it seems that money makes the companies not care about this aspect.

But there are some advantages of online personalized results, meaning tracking your online activity: personalized and more accurate google searches, or perhaps you want to buy a product from amazon and the A.I. of amazon which tracked what you have been looking at before, recommends you better products.

But when it comes to ads, they are mostly intrusive and for me at least, completely irrelevant. If I want to buy something then I will be looking for that thing on google shopping or amazon.

Ads are the main revenue for websites and this makes them grow like mushrooms.

The good part of all this is that on the internet you have the option to remove all of them, having control of the websites you visit, but this may lead towards some very interesting consequences. Since ads are the main profit revenue for most, if not all websites, small and effective browser plugins that block ads, will destroy these profits and we already see the aftermath.

AdBlock Plus, one of the most used plugin for Chrome and Mozilla, the most used browsers in the world, has more than 61 million users worldwide and is growing.


Two months ago many important german news publications started a campaign against AdBlock Plus users “This morning at 10 AM, several of the best known German online news publications (Spiegel Online,,, time, and Golem...

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Behaving: from genes to gender

This article was featured in TVP Magazine, issue nr. 3, page 30.

Jacque Fresco about the article: ” An excellent article”

This  is the unedited version of the article:


Jacque Fresco talks a lot about human behaviour and explains it in a very simple way, easy for anyone to understand. I want though to emphasize on it and provide a detailed article full of new examples and facts about what generates you, me or anyone´s else personality.

We will look into gender and values, biology and psychology.



First of all, who are you ? You may say your name, job, what you like, you will try to find yourself from within a bunch of words whose meaning you have learned. From parents, school, friends, internet and so on, you learned what a job is, what morality is, what is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, acceptable or not, violent or relaxing.

One perfect but disturbing example of how important the environment is in developing your personality and the values you accept, are feral children: example of kids raised in extreme environments.


Genie was devoided of social contact since the moment she was born, for almost ten years. When she was discovered she was so different from what a human being is that was considered “mentally ill” although she had no brain damage whatsoever. She couldn’t...

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Spending money in today´s world

This article was featured in TVP Magazine, issue nr. 3, page 44.

This  is the unedited version of the article:

I promise this article will leave you all in wonder, asking yourself if indeed you live in a completely insane society.

We all know money is some paper that does not reflect the resources on this planet, is something people invent. The papers, their rules, the way they are distributed.

Before you start reading this article, click this link, and leave it open in your browser. You will check it later, I promise, it will be interesting.

How fair are money spent in this world ? How fair is it for people ? Do jobs or work hours reflect the earnings ?

First of how can we decide if a job is more important than another ?

Well we can use society as a whole and perhaps determine that the “needs” are the most important for people: health, better transportation, better communication, etc. So, being said that, perhaps people dealing with those should be paid the most if we think of a saner society. But is it the case ?

Best paid surgeon in US wins about 230,000$ / year, which is a lot. He may save some lives, may even improve the medicine, so perhaps he worth that much money. Do not forget though, that is the best paid salary, there are plenty other surgeons having a much much lower incomes. (source)

Well, the year income for a surgeon is as much as Tom Cruise wins a DAY. He may save some lives too is true, but only in a film studio, pretending to do so, once or twice a year. He gets around 65,000,000 $ a year for mimicking human reactions for different scenarios.


People call this job “actor”. Basically something that you do in real life, reacting to different scenarios. Only that Tom Cruise is paid for faking those moments. I am sure you faked them many times when you lied or wanted to impress someone, but you are not getting paid, aren’t you ?

Speaking of movies, have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End ? You know, the third part of Pirates o...

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Is the Unconditional Basic Income beneficial for the Venus Project ?

The Venus Project – TVP

Unconditional Basic Income – UBI

First of let´s take a look at what Unconditional Basic Income proposes :

“The emancipatory Unconditional Basic Income is defined by the following four criteria: universal, individual, unconditional, high enough to ensure an existence in dignity and participation in society. An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) or Citizen’s Income is a guaranteed income, given to all in addition to any other income they might receive. By advancing equality and economic participation while enabling simpler welfare systems, UBI leads to a fairer and more efficient society.”

In other words the government will pay you a specific amount of money a month so you can make a living out of it without being forced to do anything in return. You work or not, have kids or not, rich or poor, you benefit from it. Is it thought in a way that won’t make companies rise the prices of food or housing by any means, so it can control that to make it relevant.

Sounds great to me but people have two main concerns in regards to it :

Where is the money coming from ?andWill people still work ?

Before we connect it to The Venus Project let’s take those two challenges and see if this idea is reasonable in the first place.

Where are the money coming from ?

There are multiple solutions to the problem but I think we should not concern with this issue.

When Martin Luther King was marching on the streets for black people´s rights, I don’t think he was concerned how those rights will be implemented into society, but was concern to get them implemented. Or when women were allowed to work, or when benefits for children and handicapped people were introduced, or when slavery was abolished, I am sure so many were thinking where are the money coming from to pay the woman, to pay children and handicapped people´s benefits, or to sustain another class of workers which once worked for free being enslaved.

Since work is mandatory in this world, we can see it a...

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Amuzant, trist si infricosator

Neandertalii´ au disparut acum vreo 30.000 de ani si desi s-au imperecheat cu homo sapiens (pentru ca acum putem analiza ADNu si demonstra asta), se pare ca unii au supravietuit intacti……

Desi Neandertalii´ nu aveau access la TV ori Internet, nici apa calda ori supermarchet, sunt convins ca erau de 50 de ori mai destepti decat oamenii astia. Uite si priveste niste fiinte umane ale anului 2013. De fapt au trecut vreo 2 milioane de ani de cand homo sapiens se tara pe planeta Pamant. Ia si priveste:


Acum gandeste-te ca oamenii discutau despre Soare ca fiind in centru Universului (ca atat stiau ei) de acum vreo 2500 de ani, iar despre Pamant ca e rotund de mult mai mult timp. Deci, pana si aia de acum 3000 de ani ori mai mult stiau mai multe decat creaturile astea. Da´ sunt convins ca foarte multi, daca nu majoritatea nu au habar despre lucrurile astea. E ca si cum peste 3.000 de ani oamenii aia din viitor vor fi la fel de destepti ca astia mai inteligenti de acum, ceea ce e infricosator.

Imi amintes...

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Asculta muzica pe gratis, pe net

Stiu ca e ceva normal, cine dracu mai plateste sa cumpere muzica ?¿ De fapt sunt multi….stiu, si io sunt socat, dar am vazut cu ochii mei. Nebuni :)

Ok, stiu ca sunt multe siteuri pe care poti asculta muzica, dar cel mai tare e GrooveShark. Il foloesc de mai bine de un an si e perfect. E un fel de player in browser. Gasesti orice melodie acolo, chiar si Gica Petrescu. Streamingu e perfect, design simplu si eficient.


Iti faci un cont si poti sa iti faci propriu playlist. Statie radio daca vrei. Poti sa si asculti radiouri bazate pe genuri muzicale, ori cele mai ascultate melodii, cele mai bine votate si asa mai departe.

Sunt s...

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Salariu fara Munca

Ma tot zbat de ceva ani precum o gaina fara cap, sa gasesc o solutie pentru cum am putea trece de la sistemul de fata la Venus Project, ori ceva similar.

Acum, cred ca am gasit capu gainii, ori macar un ochi´cu´cataracta prin care vad o posibila carare. 

E vorba despre un salariu de la guvern, indiferent de faptul ca lucrezi ori nu, esti femela ori mascul, puradel ori batran, ghei´, pitipoanca, patron, fotbalist ori dai in carti. Toti sa primeasca salariu lunar, taxe zero pe ei, iar banii astia sa acopere un trai decent. Se propun in jur de 1000 Euro pe luna pentru toata Europa, dar poate varia. In fine, sa fie indeajuns incat sa traiesti decent.

Ideea nu e noua, s-a mai incercat prin Canada, Africa ori alte meleaguri in forma de experiment, dar din punctul meu de vedere experimentele astea nu sunt valide, desi multumitoere: oamenii se axeaza mai mult pe educatie cand primesc un asa salariu, majoritatea nu renunta la serviciu, infractiunile scad dramatic, problemele de sanatate la fel, etc.

Nu mi se pare relevant pentru ca oamenii astia stiau ca e un experiment asa ca e normal sa nu renunte la jobu lor pentru ca se termina dracu experimentu si mureau de foame.

DAR pot veni cu argumente mult mai puternice pentru a sustine ideea asta si a demonstra ca poate fi una dintre cele mai importante decizii in istoria omenirii. Dap, ma duc´chiar asa departe cu´concluzia.

Deci, te intereseaza 1000 Euro pe luna, fara ca tu sa nu faci nimic in schimb, pentru tot restu vietii ?


Hai sa ne gandim putin….

De ce treb...

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Cel mai tare site

Daca ar fi sa te gandesti la cel mai tare site, care ar fi si dupa ce criterii te uiti ?

Dupa mine e StumbeUpon. E singuru site pe care pot sa stau ore in sir si sa descopar o gramada de lucruri interesante.

Idea lui e geniala: spui ce te intereseaza, sa zicem stiinta, chimie, fizica, astronomie, ori poti alege ce vrei tu de la personaje (Jacque Fresco) la manunchiuri de cuvinte precum “3d printing”, iar siteu incearca sa iti prezinte siteuri intereseante din toata gramada ta de interese.

Cu cat il folosesti mai mult cu atat devine mai pe placu tau. Un LIKE (pumn-in-sus) egal iti place, si intra in baza lor de date. Un DISLIKE (pumn-in-jos), si baza de date se “regandeste” la ceea ce iti place si iti scoate siteu ala din lista.


Am descoperit mii de siteuri extraordinare peste care nu as fi dat niciodata.

Practic tu selectezi ce te in...

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